About Me



As a full-time professional hula hooper and the creator of Hoola Monsters (Florida’s first full service hoop dance company), my job is anything but “normal.”

My attire generally consists of sparkly, creative costumes or fitness gear, if I’m not rocking PJ’s while working from home.

Gone are the New York City high rises, 3-piece suits and 15 minute lunches at my desk. I’m a former PR gal who now makes a living inspiring others to lead happier, healthier lives. I do this mostly through the movement meditation/ fitness practice known as modern day hoop dance. I’ve learned that creative expression is an important part of who I am, and on any given day, you might find me writing, crafting hula hoops or working on my jewelry line, Good Vibe Designs.

I also train hoop dance fitness instructors through my American Council on Exercise Approved Hoola-Fit Program. I’m a vendor at the largest farmer’s market in the Southeast, where I’ve been selling my handmade creations for the past 10 years. I also recently married an amazing man, and he’s out in the world, fulfilling his dreams too as Captain and Co-Owner of Soulshine Charters.

I freaking love life! But things weren’t always this sweet…

hooping for mental healthHoop dance entered the picture at just the right moment, serving as a healthy distraction from my suicidal tendencies and mental breakdowns. It was 2007, and I found it to be a movement meditation tool that served as a catalyst for healing and transformation.

I’m now writing a book, to share my family’s story about losing a loved one to suicide, along with my journey finding the light from depression. In addition to general musings, the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my thoughts, feelings and reactions during the book writing process. My writing includes reflections and journal entries over a 20-year period. I’m sharing my darkest days and transformation, with the intention of helping those who suffer.

I’m honored to have guest blogged for To Write Love on Her Arms and to have served on the Board of Directors for the Tampa Bay Chapter of AFSP It’s my ultimate goal to bring my voice to a much broader audience through writing and speaking engagements.  I truly believe that, serving as an advocate for suicide prevention and mental health awareness, is the work I’m meant to do in this world.

I’m currently in the editing process of my book’s first draft. Thanks so much for joining me as I race towards the finish line to complete it.