Takeaways From My First Writers Conference

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend my first writers conference: The 2019 Florida Writing Workshop in Tampa. It provided me with the opportunity to connect with fellow writers, gain a better understanding of the publishing industry, learn from agents, and brush up on my writing skills (side note: Erik Deckers was one of […]

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When Inspiration Strikes…

On my 30th Birthday, I made a promise to myself…“When inspiration strikes, honor it.” I’ve made a conscious effort to live by the mantra ever since.  I’ve also learned that inspiration comes in many forms, and it can strike at any moment. This presents some challenges for me sometimes, because there never seems to be […]

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A Love Affair

My love affair with writing began during childhood… I was eight years old when my name was called over the loud-speaker at my school-wide assembly. I didn’t even enter the Creative Writing contest, so you can imagine the shock I experienced when I was summoned to the stage. Under the bright cafeteria lights, I still remember […]

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