The Puzzle

I have 22 chapters in the works. In the past month or so, I have been writing non-stop. I am allowing myself to let words fall onto paper, without over-analyzing content, grammar, punctuation or layout. That will come later. The writing process is turning out to be a puzzle, of sorts…

I am learning not to critique my work during the creative process, as content is my focus. The story is the most important part. I’ve examined the puzzle to ensure that each piece is accounted for. I am beginning to snap the pieces together, one at a time. Sometimes, the sections are not compatible. When that happens, I put them into a “MISC” file. Eventually, I create a place for everything, though. Sometimes, I need to re-arrange and move things, until it all fits together the way it’s supposed to. I’m finding that the puzzle is now transforming. I can see the outline of my words, and content is filling the open spaces. Productivity feels good.

I love when I get into flow with my writing. When words come straight from the heart, they are true. Flow occurs when I have the ability to type as fast as I think. My heartbeat quickens, and I don’t have time to second-guess truth when it spills onto paper.

Positive intentions are set. I am writing this book in Brad’s name. In his suicide letter to me, he said that he admired my great work ethic. He said that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. So, I’m honoring him in this way. His beautiful spirit is the driving force behind my work. I don’t want him to be remembered as the guy who died by suicide. Instead, my hope is that by sharing this story, his legacy will live on in a positive way… that he will inspire people to avoid silent suffering and realize that they are not alone.

And for those who have dealt with the tragic loss of a loved one to suicide… you are not alone, either.

I’m also writing this book for me, and I’m writing it for anyone who has ever suffered from feelings of self-hatred. I want people who are plagued with depression to know that it doesn’t have to be a death-sentence. I aim to tackle the toxic stigmas surrounding suicide. There are lots of conflicting views on this topic, and I know that my book will be controversial but I won’t let that hold me back. The message is too important, and I have no room in the creative process for fear and self-doubt. Instead, I’m guided by my desire to communicate truth and conjur feelings of understanding, compassion and hope.

My journals are intense… just the other day, I read the forgotton words, “At least I have my writing. I know that this is my safe place, and I know that no one will read this…” It’s ironic that I am re-visiting these words from a different perspective, now. My safe place is no longer my private sanctuary. Confronting my fears and vulnerabilities with the intention of helping others is what I will do.

The book will be finished this year. In the past month, my “Patience” mentality has shifted to “Action.” The puzzle is taking shape.

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